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The King of Love
Choral, Hymn, Sacred, Assembly, SATB, Solo, Accompanied, Cello, Violin, ST. COLUMBA (2002)
This Recording

Monica Stratton, Soprano

Darryl Carlson, Cello

Kathryn Christie, Violin

Members of the National Lutheran Choir

David Cherwien, Conducting


Recorded at Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota

June 2002

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The King of love my shepherd is

Whose goodness faileth never,

I nothing lack if I am his,

And he is mine forever.


Where streams of living water flow,

My ransomed soul he leadeth,

And where the verdant pastures grow

With food celestial feedeth.


Perverse and foolish oft I strayed,

But yet in love he sought me,

And on his shoulder gently laid,

And home, rejoicing, brought me.


And so through all the length of days

Thy goodness faileth never;

Good shepherd may I sing thy praise

Within thy house forever.

ST. COLUMBA, arr. Lowell Prescott
Text: Henry W. Baker (1821-1877)

Copyright © & Ⓟ 2002 Lowell H. Prescott. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.