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Steal Away
Choral, Sacred, Spiritual, SSAA, TTBB (2001)
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TTBB (Compline Choir) (3:20) 
SSAA (Lyndale Women's Choir) (2:44) 
This recording:

Performed by the Minnesota Compline Choir
Guest Conductor: Lowell Prescott

Recorded by David Molvick for 89.3 WCAL

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This recording:

Performed by the Lyndale United Church of Christ Women
Conducted by Victoria Wilgocki

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Sample Score (TTBB) (PDF)
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Sample Score (SSAA) (PDF)
Printable Score (SSAA) (PDF) $1.95

Steal away to Jesus.

Steal away home.

I ain't got long to stay here.


My Lord, he calls me,

He calls me by the thunder.

The trumpet sounds

Within-a my soul.

I ain't got long to stay here.

Traditional Spiritual, arr. Lowell Prescott
Text: Lowell Prescott

Copyright © & Ⓟ 2001 Lowell H. Prescott. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.