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She's Not Here
Pop song, Demo (1996), from Circle
She's calm, she's shy
And I still wonder why
She's not here
She's sly, she's smooth
And I know that she could sooth
But she's not here

Ribbon and paper reminders
String, cellophane, rubber binders

She's slow, she's smart
And she throws me like a dart
But she's not here
She's heart, she's wine
To drink, to laugh, to dine
But she's not here

Sweet scent of angel recalling
Sweet mystery she's befalling

I should not wait
For the days to pass
I should not linger
Wrapped around her finger

She's soft, she's mild
She's a tiger in the wild
But she's not here
She's child, she's home
And she's always free to roam
So she's not here

Daisy, Delilah, Denial
Always a master of style
But she's not here