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My Wish For You
Pop song, Demo (1995), from Circle
I know you're asleep
   and you're dreaming
When you wake I know
   you'll try to find the meaning
While your eyes are closed
   may you find the peace
That eludes your waking hours
   and clouds your heart's release
This is my wish for you

With a single word
   I would chase away
All the danger lines
   that criss and cross about your way
But I can't begin
   without open door
Until you believe
   it's all that I am hoping for
This is my wish for you

Eyes sparkle
No matter how much
You try to deny the truth
No matter
What you believe
Just try to deceive -- you're through

This is my wish for you

So I'll hide away
   till you need me
We can save the meal
   until you find you're hungry
For a little while
   with so little haste
There are times when love's
   a sweet but unfamiliar taste
This is my wish for you