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Last Call for Marjorie
Song (1994), from The China Box
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Last call for Marjorie

Was it only about biology?

That's highway robbery

'Cause she's more than the sum of what you see


He tried to catch her eye

Only to find she'd run and hide

But he didn't know the plot

It was more than her eye he really caught




She tried to turn him away

Only to find he came to stay

What did he really want?

Was it only her nights he came to haunt?




They danced all the time

But they didn't touch

They knew that they needed

Each other too much

Gazing each night at the silver moon

Try as they might they weren't really immune


She tried to shut him out

But all she could find was fear and doubt

He tried to close the door

But she knew this trick had failed before



Words and Music by Rick Prescott
Copyright © & Ⓟ 1994 Lowell H. Prescott. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.