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National Myths
Pop song, Demo (1993), from Tornadoes
I was born in August 1963
Just as JFK wrapped up his presidency
Yeah I remember it all like it was yesterday
And I knew then all the things we lost when he went away

Now it's one of those national myths
That fathers tell their sons and daughters
Just a check on a tragical list
Of things that stir the calm, clear waters

Pretty soon it was barely 1971
I found myself the eldest son of the eldest son
And when we heard his father finally slipped away
I thought of all the things they might have forgot to say


Oh, what a fantasy
Wondering what might have been
Passing the time

Next thing I remember I was thirteen
Spending every Saturday with the little screen
Dreaming about the stars, counting the grains of sand
And getting all my kicks from American Bandstand


One day I woke up and I was 25
Hadn't had much trouble, managed to stay alive
I never quite figured out what we lost in '63
Was it all of our hopes or just a piece of our dignity?