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Clear Winter Sky, The
Pop song, Demo, Advent/Xmas (1987)
The night stretches deep
To the ends of the earth
And my eyes touch the stars
As they twinkle and turn
The quiet of dusk
Makes me think of a time
When the world was as cold
As the clear winter sky

Was it laughter or tears
That she wore on her face
As she searched in their hearts
Yet there wasn't a place
The dark of the night
She forgave with a sigh
As she gazed to the stars
In the clear winter sky

Are we the travelers
Our heads in the clouds?
Can we hear the message
And see through the shroud?

The babe lies awake
But there isn't a sound
In the darkest of nights
There is light all around
While she keeps a watch
With a sweet lullaby
The child holds the stars
In the clear winter sky