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Money and Love
Pop song, Demo (1986), from Outside the Lines
I got some money
But I ain't got love
It's kinda funny
Because you make things rough
Whenever we're together
I can't seem to get enough
Of money and love

I got some power
But I ain't got you
I'm not a coward
But you won't tell me just what to do
Whenever I get closer
You say there ain't room for two
With money and love

You back away when I take your hand
You'd think I had a rare disease
I guess I want what I just can't have
Baby can't you see me on my knees

You come around and you go away
As if I didn't mean a thing
you don't listen to the words I say
But I always wait for the phone to ring

I got some good times
I got a big car too
But I can't rest my mind
Because I ain't got you
I always wanted lots of money
But I never knew the truth
About money and love