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She Makes Me Wonder
Song (1986), from Outside the Lines
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She's hiding something

That I'll never know

Though I try to get through

It's touch and go


She keeps desires

All to herself

And though it makes me wonder

It's just as well


She makes me wonder


She tells me stories

She makes up lies

She isn't fooling anyone

It's in her eyes


She tries to ignore me

When I tell her my desires

I know that she wants the same thing

I can feel the fire


She makes me wonder


She has a passion

That burns with every touch

And though she gives a lot to me

She hides so much


She's quite a lover

And I don't understand

Why she's keeping secrets

When I'm in her hand


She makes me wonder

Words and Music by Rick Prescott
Copyright © & Ⓟ 1986 Lowell H. Prescott. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.