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Outside the Lines
Pop song, Demo (1986), from Outside the Lines
Little boys, little games
The lines are drawn on paper
If you cross, where's the blame?
We can work it out later

Little girls, little boys
The lines are drawn so lightly
They can all learn to enjoy
Either daily or nightly

And it's all made clear in the light of day
But the night will stay full of landmines
So they keep a bit, and they give away
There's a world they say
Outside the lines

Little words, little phrase
The lines are drawn discreetly
What it means, what it says
Can't understand it completely

Little highs, big lows
The lines are disappearing
It feels good, take it slow
There's nothing interfering


Little boys, big games
The lines are drawn on mirrors
And if you cross, who's to say
That things will soon seem clearer?