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Near You
Song (1986)
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Remake from 2000.

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When I hear your voice

It's so far away

And there's nothing I can do

We can talk and talk

Til the end of the day

But what I want is to be near you


We can say hello

But we can't say goodbye

And I know you feel it too

Because the hours and the days

Drag slowly by

When all I want is to be near you


Time may steal

The way that I feel

But if this is real

We'll know


I can't hide

As hard as I've tried

The feeling deep inside

Has got to grow


When I hear your voice

And it's so far away

It's the best that we can do

But it only makes me

Long for the day

When once again I will be near you

Words and Music by Rick Prescott
Copyright © & Ⓟ 1986 Lowell H. Prescott. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.