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Pop song, Demo (1983), from The Golden Years
I don't want to talk about it
Since you have gone away
I knew you wouldn't stay

So here in my glass surroundings
Growing my hair so long
I looked and you were gone

You're just a bird
Using your wings
Leave me alone
To find other things
Don't whisper a word
Child of my mind
You're just a bird

You're death in me while I'm living
Scar on my hand, a lie
You didn't say goodbye

I turned away just a moment
Loosened my grip and then
I need you once again

You're just a bird
Singing your song
Whistling a tune
Floating along
You know what you heard
Child of my dreams
You're just a bird

I'm just a bird
Singing a song
What does it say?
Is anything wrong?
Just reading the words
Child of my life
You're just a bird